GAIN - Green Aquaculture Intensification in Europe
Ansvarlig institusjon: Ca´Foscari University of Venice
Finansiering: EU
Partnere: Salten Havbrukspark, Gifas
Prosjektperiode: 2018-2021

02.05.201813:10 Heidi Meland

GAIN har 21 deltakere fra 12 land, og et budsjett på vel 6 mill. euro.

Prosjektets hovedmål er:

  • Develop and optimize sustainable feeds, without increasing the pressure on land and fish stocks;
  • Add value to cultivation, by means of innovative processes, which turn both by-products and side-streams into valuable secondary materials, thus increasing profits and minimizing the environmental footprint;
  • Improve the management of finfish and shellfish farms, in terms of FCR, fish welfare and reduction of wastes, through the use of sensors, biomarkers, Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things) and predictive mathematical models;
  • Support integrated policies and address current barriers to the implementation of the principles of circular economy in aquatic production.

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