Algae2Future - A2F

28.12.2017 09:49From Fundamental Algae Research to Applied Industrial Practice
Ansvarlig institusjon: NIBIO
Finansiering: Norges forskningsråd
Partner: NORD universitet
Avsluttes: 2021
Lenke: www.nibio.no/en/projects/algae-to-future-a2f

Marine AlGae Industrialization Consortium, MAGIC

28.12.2017 10:05Present field-tested fuel-production pathways that are sustainable, economically viable, fit for large-scale commercialization and environmentally beneficial.
Ansvarlig: Duke University
Finansiering: DOE og andre
Partner: NORD universitet
Avsluttes 2020
Lenke: www.algaeconsortium.com/ma


28.12.2017 09:26Marine algae for salmon feed, part of Marinealgae4aqua
Ansvarlig institusjon: CIIMAR, Portugal
Finansiering: EU
Partner: Nord Universitet
Avsluttes 2021
Lenke: marinalgae4aqua.ciimar.up.pt/